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  • I understand the course will be delivered over 4-5 webinar sessions (or more, if needed) of up to an hour and a half each, and you will provide an accompanied list of all the resources, tools, and websites used or recommended during the training program.
  • I understand my satisfaction is guaranteed for the 30 days from the date of purchase> If I choose to cancel within the first 30 days, I will get my money back, and I will forfeit my membership and any and all access, bonuses, and updates to the training program.
  • Finally, I understand you make no promises in terms of income, traffic, or sales.

Alain PPC Management Company“This is one of the best investments we made in terms of ROI this year. It was EXCELLENT. I now know what to fix on our landing pages which will boost our conversion rates. Furthermore, the content of this course is simply amazing. I just love it! Your OATH formula made us realize that you cannot use a one-size-fits-all landing page because customers are at a different levels of awareness about your product or service. I never really understood when to use short or long copy, but now it’s crystal clear when to use shorter or longer copy. Bottom line: you FAR EXCEEDED our expectations and you gave a new meaning to the word to OVER-DELIVER. I have to thank you again for putting together a great course!”

— Alain, PPC Management Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

“When are the classes scheduled?”

I will start on Tuesday, October 16, at 7:00 PM Eastern and every Tuesday thereafter at the same time for a total of four sessions. Additional may be added if needed. Classes will be up to 1.5 hours, depending on the content. It may be unlikely, but I reserve the right to change the dates and times due to unforeseen circumstances. I will upload the recordings within the following 48 hours.

“How long is my membership for?”

There are no upsells or hidden costs. Your membership is a one-time investment, and is good for the lifetime of the membership site. While there are no upsells per se, please keep in mind I will recommend a few paid tools and services that I personally use, and I will also offer the possibility for you to hire me for one-on-one work, at deeply discounted rates, if you so choose.

“When will you teach ‘X’?”

There are no set-in-stone class agendas. Classes will be informal, content-rich, and completely focused on you. I will cover everything I listed in the syllabus above, and I will deliver the content in the order that best maximizes the delivery and comprehension of the course material. This way, if I feel a certain topic needs to be covered earlier for some reason, I can do this without compromise.

Will you offer transcripts?

Unfortunately, not with this training. I want to emphasize live class attendance, and I will train you by showing you what I do, as I do it, live and in real-time. So you can either be on the live classes or watch the recorded videos inside the private area. But I will offer a copy of my slides as I don’t plan on offering transcripts.

“Can I share my material or login?”

No, the training is offered on a per-user basis. Your account is yours alone. You can purchase the training for a team member or webmaster, but your account is reserved for one IP address only. Therefore, while the purchase can be made by someone else, only one person can access the content. Access by more than one person can lock you out of the content.

“What if I have further questions?”

You can contact our support desk anytime. Our dedicated full-time support team can be reached directly by going to our contact form and opening a ticket. If you have questions about Fortinize that aren’t listed here, please submit a ticket to us and we’ll be happy to help.

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